Goals for the Future

I have had a few goals I have wanted to complete but haven’t always been the best at keeping these goals a priority.   Life always gets in the way.  So this post is a public way for me to place these goals and try to hold myself more accountable.

1) Make at minimum two blog posts a month for a year straight.   Of these posts one needs to be technical in nature.

2)Give a presentation at local user group meeting.   This is something I have been meaning to do in the last year but just haven’t push myself to do it.

3)Submit a abstract for two SQL Saturdays.

4) Present at a SQL Saturday.

5) Learn to Skate.   Doing this one right now slowly but surely getting more comfortable.

6) Learn to Play Hockey.   Next step after I get down the skating portion.  I know this seems like something weird for a 34 year old person from the south to start doing.

7) Network better.   Like the name SilentDBA suggests I this is something that is uncomfortable for me but something I need to work on.

8)  Go back to PASS Summit.  This one I have already made a priority as I have already paid for it in early December 2014 so I could take advantage of the early bird price making this easier to do than paying the full price.

9) Take the family to Disney World.   Even though a lot of these goals are more professional goals I want to make sure I don’t lose sight of the wonderful family I have.

10)  Attend a SQL Cruise.  SQL Cruise is something that seems like great fun in so many ways.  This goal might be a little ways off but definitely something I want to keep in mind.

11?)  Get Certifications.  This is something that was on my goal list a while but now I am not sure about since the retirement of the MCM certification.   I didn’t see myself getting a MCM anytime soon but they way it was retired makes me leery of any certification at this time.

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